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Local Authorities Encouraged To Provide Skate Park

Spilsby Skate ParkLocal Authorities are being encouraged to provide a skate park by local teenagers.

The group, recently set up on Facebook, is looking for ways at encouraging the local councils and other authorities to provide a skate park for local teens to use.  The group, which has already gathered over 110 'likes' on Facebook in less than a week.

Tweeting their thoughts about skating locally a number of teens have suggested that this would be a good idea as they are made unwelcome by local residents wherever they choose to skate.

In local years there have been a number of projects across the District that have aimed to set up skate parks, including one in Sibsey.  However, only one has proved successful - Mablethorpe.  The success of the Mablethorpe project was through sheer effort and team work and we'd like to encourage the group to continue with their efforts!

Published: Thursday 12th April 2012

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