Purse And Keys Stolen From Spilsby Vehicle

A purse and keys are believed to have been stolen after another vehicle was broken into in Spilsby.

The vehicle, parked on Pooles Lane in Spilsby, was broken into some time between 5pm on Monday 16 December and 8.30am the following morning.  The drivers’ side front window had been smashed and it is believed by Police that a purse and a set of keys were stolen from the vehicle.

Police are requesting that anyone in the area who has any information or spotted anyone behaving suspiciously should contact them on 101 quoting incident number 61 of 17 December 2014.

This latest break in follows on from a series of thefts from vehicles in November where a number of vehicles in the town were targetted by thieves, and the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle in Raithby.  Owners should remember to ensure that they remove all their valuables from their vehicles when left unattended – including anything that looks as though it could potentially be valuable but is not.

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