Plans for new memorial garden

A memorial area could soon feature in the town’s cemetery after Spilsby Town Council agreed to go ahead with the project.

The memorial area is designed to provide a place where people can go to remember loved ones who haven’t been buried.

The idea was brought to the attention of newly-appointed town clerk Bonny Smith, who had a request from a man whose parents-in-law were originally Spilsby people, moved away and subsequently died and did not have a memorial.

His parents are buried in Spilsby Cemetery and he wanted a place where his wife could go to and remember her parents.

At present, the town council do not have any rules governing a memorial where there are no remains, either burial or cremated.

Therefore, members have planned to have a memorial area in the cemetery, following the proposal being accepted.

It is scheduled for the area between the entrance and where the resting area seat is as the land there is not good for burials due to tree roots.

Town coucillors discussed placing some flower tubs or small bushes to give the area a tranquil feel and encourage residents to visit to sit and remember loved ones.

The acceptable size of the memorials is yet to be decided upon as is the cost of designing and erecting a tablet-style memorial.

At the council’s lastest meeting it was suggested the memorial garden could also raise important funds as there are set fees payable for other types of memorials and the new fees will be in line with those.

For enquires about the new area call 01790 753189.

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