Big cash boost for allotments in Spilsby

Interest in allotments is expected to grow in Spilsby following a £9,180 Lottery grant to upgrade the facilities.

Spilsby Town Council has been awarded the cash for the 33 Hundleby Road allotments by the ‘Awards for All’ fund.

The award will buy equipment and complete clearance works, fencing and road repairs. There will also be a community area with picnic benches and a composting toilet so that allotment holders can enjoy the experience of being in it together.

“Improvements to access and layout will also help people enjoy the space more and provide a happy place for people to spend quality time,” said town clerk Bonny Smith.

“This space could also be used as a safe place to help with mental health using the sensory experiences of the environment to facilitate contentment and calmness.”

The allotments are situated on the outskirts of the town for use solely by members of the local community.

Among them are members of the local New Life Church who have an allotment which encourages health and wellbeing and also supplements the local Food Bank.

Lorraine Heron, secretary of Spilsby Town Council Allotments, has her own allotment and said she is delighted with the award.

“There is nothing like the taste of organic home grown food.

“I really think with the Brexit situation as it is, more and more people will find themselves having to be self-sufficient.

“We’d like to see more families up here – parents teaching their children about how to look after themselves, and grow there own food. It’s starting already – at the weekend there were lots of people up her and the place was buzzing.

“The award is also great because a lot of people do the Lottery and now they can see how their money is spent.”

There are several vacant allotments of various sizes. For more information call Karen Appleby, Deputy Town Clerk, on 01790 753189.

There will be an open day at the Allotments on Easter Monday, April 22.

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