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Welcome to my editors' blog! As the Site Editor of Spilsby Online I periodically write about the Spilsby area and subjects that hopefully interest and concern other fellow local residents. Unlike others who write about Spilsby I actually live here and like to keep up with what is happening around me.

This is my blog and I encourage you to enter into debate about the subjects chosen - whatever your view on what I have written let me know in the comments section of the relevant post.

- Andrew Wright, Site Editor of Spilsby Online

- Friday 10th April, 2015

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The nominations for both District Councillors and Parish/Town Councillors for across the area are in and the number and variety of nominations has been rather underwhelming to say the least.

Spilsby Town Council had vacancies for twelve Town Councillors available and only nine nominations were put in for the roles before the closing date.  This means that all nine will be automatically put forward as Councillors without the need for an election to take place.  This may save the taxpayer a very small amount of money but does it mean Spilsby misses out on a chance to improve and continues to be, like its' Council, anonymous?

- Thursday 10th July, 2014

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Have you ever seen advertisements for broadband on television?  Some of the deals they offer are absolutely fantastic offering unlimited broadband for less than a fiver a month!  When ADSL broadband was first available it could cost upwards of £30 a month for a very limited service and only available in certain places.

Brilliant!  Let’s go and sign up for a new, cheaper provider than the one that currently charges us three times that much.  But you can’t.

- Friday 20th December, 2013

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Most people set themselves some kind of New Years' Resolutions and here at Spilsby Online we are no different.

At Spilsby Online we really do value our users feedback - we need to know what we are doing well and what we could do better.  That is going to be one of our New Years' Resolutions.