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Editors Blog: Nominations are in...

A blog post by Spilsby Online's Site Editor, Andrew Wright.
Friday 10th April, 2015
- This blog expresses a personal view and does not necessarily reflect the editorial policy Spilsby Online.

The nominations for both District Councillors and Parish/Town Councillors for across the area are in and the number and variety of nominations has been rather underwhelming to say the least.

Blog Post

Spilsby Town Council had vacancies for twelve Town Councillors available and only nine nominations were put in for the roles before the closing date.  This means that all nine will be automatically put forward as Councillors without the need for an election to take place.  This may save the taxpayer a very small amount of money but does it mean Spilsby misses out on a chance to improve and continues to be, like its' Council, anonymous?

The opportunity has now passed for the population of Spilsby to change the face of the Town Council as most of the faces are those returning for another term, meaning another four years of the same.  We only have ourselves to blame if nothing changes.

At District level, incumbent Councillor Rod Williams (Conservative) faces two challengers on the 7th of May with Christopher Prince (Labour) and Ebony Moore (UKIP) fighting it out for the District Council seat.

A the end of this blog post I ask one simple question to think about before polling opens - would you know who the current District Councillor is for Spilsby if I hadn't just told you?