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Banks In Spilsby

It has been brought to our attention that the Lloyds Mobile Bank has not turned up or not maintained its' published hours on occasion.  Should you find the service is not there at a time when it should be please report to Spilsby Town Council to ensure a log of the missed times are kept.

As of 13 November 2019 there are no high-street banks remaining in Spilsby.  Barclays Bank closed on 23 November 2018 and Lloyds Bank closed on 12 November 2019.  A limited mobile service is being provided by Lloyds Bank.

Lloyds Bank have stated that their mobile service will be in the Post Office Lane Car Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Day Arrives Departs
Tuesday  09:45 12:00
12:45 15:15
Thursday 09:45 12:00

Some of the available services include:

  • Account Enquiries
  • Cash/Cheque Deposits1
  • Cash Withdrawals2
  • Sending money outside of the UK or in a foreign currency
  • Pay Bills
  • Immediate Faster Payments
  • Internal Transfers
  • Managing SMS alerts
  • Managing Standing Orders and Direct Debits
  • Requesting Copy Statements
  • Credit Card activation and balance transfers
  • Ordering Foreign Currency
  • Reactivating ISAs

1Cash daily deposit limit of max £5000. Maximum 10 bags of coins (can include partial bags of non-mixed coins). There is no limit on cheque deposits however a fair usage approach will be adopted.

2Cash withdrawal subject to a daily limit of £500 (or £1500 if pre-ordered 48 hours before).