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A good day for Independent Candidates in Spilsby area

Independent candidate David Mangion has been elected as the District Councillor for Spilsby ward, with Jim Swanson re-elected as District Councillor for Halton Holegate ward.

David Mangion, who is also a Councillor on Spilsby Town Council, was elected with 274 votes compared to outgoing Conservative District Councillor, Rod Williams, who scored 181 votes.  In third place was Laura Stephenson representing the Labour Party (69 votes).

Less than a quarter of those eligible to vote chose to do so in Spilsby (23.1%).

In Halton Holegate Jim Swanson continues as an District Councillor - receiving 489 votes which was more than double that of his nearest competitor.  The turnout was higher in Halton Holegate with more than a third of voters choosing to participate (34.0%).

In Hagworthingham, Conservative candidate Will Grover retained his seat with an overwhelming victory over the Labour candidate in a two-way fight.

Elsewhere, in Burgh le Marsh a candidate for the Skegness Urban District Society (SUDS) was elected ahead of the local Conservative candidate.

Spilsby Ward
Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes % of vote
Mangion, David Independent 274 52.3%
Williams, Rod Conservative 181 34.5%
Stephenson, Laura Labour 69 13.2%
Number of rejected ballot papers: 9
Turnout: 23.11%


Halton Holegate Ward
Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes % of vote
Swanson, Jim Independent 489 67.2%
Welton, Richard Conservative 180 24.7%
Southall, Julia Labour 59 8.1%
Number of rejected ballot papers: 9
Turnout: 34.03%


Hagworthingham Ward
Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes % of vote
Grover, Will Conservative 457 79.5%
Rigby, Rae Labour 118 20.5%
Number of rejected ballot papers: 54
Turnout: 33.11%

Published: Friday 3rd May 2019

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