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East Lindsey District Council sets council tax budget for 2015/16

East Lindsey District Councillors have voted in favour of the 1.95% proposed increase on council tax.

An average Band D property in the District will see East Lindsey's proportion of the council tax rise by 1.95%, which is an increase of £2.34.

Leader of the Labour Party Councillor Tony Howard commended portfolio holder for finance, John Upsall, on the budget.

He said: "It is a very difficult job the portfolio holder has got to deliver a budget with the government austerity measures.

"But I hope in future years we will do more to help the poorest in our area."

Portfolio holder for Finance John Upsall said: "East Lindsey Council Tax is the lowest in Lincolnshire and is one of the lowest in the country."

Two councillors voted against the proposed budget and 47 members of the district council supported it.

East Lindsey District Council's proportion of the council tax you pay is small in comparison to other local organisations, such as Lincolnshire County Council, Fire and Rescue and Lincolnshire Police who all set their increases seperately.

Lincolnshire County Council have already voted to put their council tax up by 1.9% - approximating to an extra £20 a year for a Band D property.

Published: Thursday 26th February 2015

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