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Help shape the future of childcare in Lincolnshire

Local parents and carers are being surveyed about their childcare experiences to ensure there are enough places available and to support future needs.

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children's Services explained: "Throughout the year we work to do whatever we can to support local childcare providers to offer childcare services parents need and want. Part of this work includes an annual assessment report of the sufficiency of childcare.

Like all of our past assessments, we want this one to include the views of parents and carers.Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Lincolnshire County Council

"Like all of our past assessments, we want this one to include the views of parents and carers. Our online survey asks if parents and children are using childcare and if they do, what they think about it. We're also asking if there are things that prevent families from using childcare and what more is needed. This will help us to plan new childcare, or support the hundreds of local group providers, nurseries and childminders to consider changing their offer to meet parents' needs."

Like all authorities, Lincolnshire has a duty, within reason, to ensure there is sufficient availability of childcare for children of working parents aged 0-14 or up to 18 years for disabled children. This includes parents who are studying or training for employment.

Click here to complete the childcare survey.

Published: Tuesday 5th June 2018

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