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Police Issue Warning About Fake Messages

Lincolnshire Police have issued an urgent warning following a report of a suspicious malware received on a mobile phone purporting to be from the Force.

A Lincolnshire man reported to police having received a message on his mobile phone that featured the Lincolnshire Police logo and alleged to be an official message form the Force. It stated that his phone was blocked because of a website featuring sexual content and he would have to pay £200 to have it unlocked.

Lincolnshire Police have stated that any such communication of this kind is most definitely not a legitimate message from the Force, nor would they ever contact you in such a way.

If you receive any messages of this kind please report them to Lincolnshire Police on the non-emergency number 101 and do not hand over any personal or financial details, or engage with them in any way.

Published: Thursday 29th January 2015

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