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Rod Williams Returned As Spilsby District Councillor

Rod Williams is to continue as District Councillor for Spilsby for a second term.

The Conservative candidate will now continue to be the District Councillor for the Town after he defeated the UKIP and Labour candidates at the polls yesterday with a majority of 171 votes.

Candidate Political Party Votes
Ebony Moore UK Independence Party (UKIP) 367
Christopher Prince Labour Party 297
Roderick Williams Conservative Party 538

The turnout was lower in Spilsby than most other wards with only 56.76% of the eligible population voting in the poll.

Elsewhere in the Spilsby Online area:

Candidate Political Party Votes
Wendy Bowkett Conservative 447
Robert Caudwell Labour 191
James Edwards UKIP 291
Chris Pain Independence from Europe 153

In Wainfleet the incumbent Councillor John Upsall has stood down with Conservative candidate Wendy Bowkett taking over.  The Independence from Europe Party failed to gain much traction in the District with leading light Chris Pain trailing in last.

Candidate Political Party Votes
Carleen Dickinson UKIP 531
Kevin Smith Conservative 521

The Friskney vote was very tight - only 10 votes in it.  A re-count was required before the result was announced.

Candidate Political Party Votes
Pauline Cooper Conservative 738
Valerie Pain Independence from Europe

Pauline Cooper comfortably retained her place on the Council, comfortably trouncing her only opposition.

Burgh Le Marsh
Candidate Political Party Votes
James Brookes UKIP 414
Neil Cooper Conservative 582
David Poole Independent 272

A relatively tight fight between the Conservatives and UKIP saw incumbent Neil Cooper retain his seat.

Willoughby by Sloothby
Candidate Political Party Votes
Stephen Eyre Independent 563
Rae Rigby Labour 167
Alan Vassar Conservative 591

Right down to the wire between former Councillor Stephen Eyre and Alan Vassar saw the Conservative candidate come out on top.

Halton Holegate
Candidate Political Party Votes
John Barry Independence from Europe 44
Thomas Kemp Conservative 434
Marian Raven UKIP 353
James Swanson Independent 582

Jim Swanson saw off a stiff challenge from both UKIP and the Conservatives, with Independence from Europe finishing miserably.

Sibsey & Stickney
Candidate Political Party Votes
Thomas Ashton Conservative 1,269
Giles Crust Independence from Europe 110
Neil Jones Conservative 1,173
Tracy Lamy-Edwards UKIP 894
Jonathan Noble UKIP 919

Both seats in Sibsey and Stickney were taken by the Conservative candidates despite a strong showing from UKIP.

Candidate Political Party Votes
William Grover Conservative 864
Leslie Pears UKIP 403

Conservatives comfortably took the result in the new Hagworthingham district.

Published: Friday 8th May 2015

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