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Roll Up! SO Festival Set To Visit Spilsby

Prepare for music, comedy and spectacular circus skills as the annual SO Festival is to visit Spilsby on 29 June with a display by the Lost In Translation Circus.

The show - titled "The Fliphouse" - is due to take place on the town's High Street from 6pm until 8pm.

The entertainers hope to "welcome all to the wonderful world of the travelling hotel, run by the quirky inhabitants of their touring circus world".

The SO Festival programme describes the show as:

"A patched together, mismatched world, where a washing line becomes a place to stay, a domestic tiff takes place in the air, and creating a meal becomes a dangerous game.  Join our staff as they fight to keep their home alive, under the shadowy threat of closure and repossession.  With live music, comedy, quirky characters and spectacular circus skills, look out for an entertaining event of unexpected happenings!"

Published: Thursday 23rd June 2016

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