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Veteran Councillor Jim Swanson Wins Another Term

Jim Swanson - ELDC - Halton Holegate

Veteran Councillor Jim Swanson has won another term after topping the poll in Halton Holegate.

The Independent Councillor has continued to serve the local area, originally for Spilsby and now Halton Holegate, for many years and has been a Councillor for the County Council and at Parish level during that time.

Despite difficult times Councillor Swanson has continued to serve his electorate, which showed by being returned as the District Councillor despite being an independent candidate, not from the established political parties who put up admirable fights.

Halton Holegate
Candidate Political Party Votes
John Barry Independence from Europe 44
Thomas Kemp Conservative 434
Marian Raven UKIP 353
James Swanson Independent 582

Published: Friday 8th May 2015

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