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Are you paying too much for your broadband?

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Spilsby News -

Have you ever seen advertisements for broadband on television?  Some of the deals they offer are absolutely fantastic offering unlimited broadband for less than a fiver a month!  When ADSL broadband was first available it could cost upwards of £30 a month for a very limited service and only available in certain places. Brilliant!  Let's go and sign up for a new, cheaper provider...

Superfast speeds are 'just around the corner'

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Spilsby News -

Superfast speeds are just around the corner with a multi-million pound broadband project due to start imminently. Businesses and communities across Lincolnshire are set to benefit from fast, affordable fibre broadband as Lincolnshire County Council and BT revealed the details of the planned roll out of superfast broadband across the county.

Good News On Broadband Front

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Spilsby News -

There is good news on the broadband front as one major provider has upgraded their service for Spilsby.   Plusnet have contacted subscribers in the Spilsby area to say that they have upgraded their equipment to 16Mb and will be moving customers to the faster service shortly.

Consultation Begins For Lincolnshire Broadband Plans

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Spilsby News -

Lincolnshire County Council is now consulting on plans to bring superfast broadband to 90% of the county by the end of 2015, with the remaining 10% guaranteed standard broadband. This is a joint-project between the private and public sector, and will see around £57m invested in improving the county's broadband infrastructure.

Only 1.7% Of Premises In Spilsby Interested In Faster Broadband

» Broadband Campaign
Spilsby News -

New figures out from OnLincolnshire show that only 1.7% of all premises in Spilsby have registered interest in high speed broadband. Out of the 1,644 premises in the town, only 28 have registered their interest with OnLincolnshire that is designed to highlight where there is greatest need to start work on providing faster services within the county.

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