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Town Council to meet regarding highways issues

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Spilsby Town Council is holding an extra ordinary meeting to discuss highways issues in the town after recent accidents and complaints. In the wake of recent accidents on the A16 junction with the B1195, and a number of other highways-related issues in the town, Town Councillors have requested an extra ordinary meeting to discuss the issues and to give members of the public the opportunity to air...

Town Council Sponsors Market Trial

» Spilsby Town Council
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Spilsby Town Council is sponsoring a butcher to come to the Monday Market for four weeks after the town lost its butchers. The Town Council are sponsoring Grimblethorpe Hall Butchery for the trial to assess the demand in the town for a butcher on the market.  Grimblethorpe Hall Butchery specialise in rare breeds and already attend Horncastle and Louth Markets.

Represent your Community - Become a Councillor

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Do you want to represent and support your community?  Spilsby Town Council is looking for people interested in becoming Town Councillors. The Council is looking for two volunteers to come forward to join the Council as co-opted Members as there are two vacancies to be filled after the recent election.

Town Council Elects New Mayor and Deputy

» Spilsby Town Council
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Spilsby Town Council has elected Councillor Terry Taylor as its new mayor. Councillor Taylor was elected to the role at the Town Council meeting on Thursday 16 May, taking over from Councillor Mark Gale who had been the Mayor for the previous two years with Councillor Taylor as his deputy.

Aged 11-18? Share your views about Spilsby

» Spilsby Town Council
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If you are aged 11-18 years old then Spilsby Town Council is interested in hearing your views about what is good and what is bad about Spilsby. Spilsby Town Council has launched its online Youth Engagement Survey to find out what young people in the town think and what they would like to see in the town.  If you are aged between 11 and 18 years old the Council would welcome your views.  You d...

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