Council Tax Scam Warning

September 11, 2015 Spilsby Online 0

Local residents are being urged to remain aware of a council tax scam that is making its’ way around the country. Scammers have been mainly targeting the over 60’s by phoning victims telling them that they have been placed in the wrong council tax bracket for a number of years and that they are entitled to a rebate. They normally say that this rebate should be worth around £7,000. Since mid July, Action Fraud has received […]

Banking scam: Spilsby woman loses thousands of pounds

March 24, 2014 Spilsby Online 0

Police have issued a warning about banking scammers after an elderly woman was targeted in Spilsby. A common scam in practice at the moment involves the potential victim receiving a telephone call from someone purporting to be from their bank and advising that their account has been compromised and funds should be transferred to a newly created account. The scammer will also tell the victim that they should keep the matter secret as staff at […]

Police Warn of Phone Scam Targeting Computers

February 8, 2013 Spilsby Online 0

Lincolnshire Police are warning residents of a phone scam regarding computers. The scammers are contacting members of the public by telephone stating that they have a virus on their computer or that they are due an upgrade on their software. Once the scammer engages with the member of the public they will try to convince them that they need urgent attention to their computer. At this stage they will either ask for a sum of […]

Police Issue Warning Over Email Scam

August 1, 2011 Spilsby Online 0

Lincolnshire Police have issued a warning after a report of an attempted email scam in the County.  The warning comes after a local resident received an email from a man claiming to have been hired as a hit man to kill him.  The sender demanded $3,000 to call off the arrangement. Lincolnshire Police are hoping to raise awareness of the scam to prevent any potential victims. Detective Sergeant Ian Jarman, Head of the Economic Crime […]