Lloyds Bank Closes For Final Time

November 13, 2019 Spilsby Online 0

Lloyds Bank in Spilsby has closed its’ doors for the final time. The bank confirmed earlier this year that its final day of trading in Spilsby would be on Tuesday, November 12, with a mobile banking its replacement on Tuesdays, and Thursday mornings, which provides basic services to customers. The bank blamed the increasing use of online banking and reduced footfall in the branch.

Barclays Bank Branch In Spilsby Set To Close

August 3, 2018 Spilsby Online 0

Barclays Bank have announced proposals to close their Spilsby branch later this year. The branch, on High Street in the town, is set to close on 23rd of November 2018 after the bank reported a 9% drop in counter transactions carried out in the past 24 months. Barclays have reported that there have identified 80 customers who exclusively use the Spilsby branch for their banking needs, with 57% of the branch customers also using other […]

Avoid Loan Sharks This Christmas

December 23, 2011 Spilsby Online 0

There are better ways to borrow money than accepting the offers of doorstep loan sharks if the banks cannot help you. Across the UK around 2 million people take out pay day loans each year and whilst they can offer a welcome relief, failure to pay them back on time often comes at the heavy price. Some firms charge a flat fee, plus daily interest of between one and two per cent, meaning the costs […]