Human Bones Found In Stickney Garden

January 18, 2016 Spilsby Online 0

A police enquiry is under way after human bones were found in a garden in Stickney. On Sunday afternoon, a homeowner in Stickney discovered some bones whilst digging a hole in their garden.  The bones have been examined by an anthropologist and are confirmed to be human.  Further tests are required to establish the age of the bones and determine if they are from an ancient burial.

Plans for new memorial garden

March 13, 2014 Spilsby Online 0

A memorial area could soon feature in the town’s cemetery after Spilsby Town Council agreed to go ahead with the project. The memorial area is designed to provide a place where people can go to remember loved ones who haven’t been buried. The idea was brought to the attention of newly-appointed town clerk Bonny Smith, who had a request from a man whose parents-in-law were originally Spilsby people, moved away and subsequently died and did […]