Clocks going back to affect part-night streetlights

October 2, 2019 Spilsby Online 0

Lincolnshire County Council are reminding residents that when the clocks go back this will affect the timings of the county’s part-night streetlights. The clocks will go back by one hour on Sunday 27th October, which will affect the 42,000 streetlights across the county that are normally switched off between midnight and 6am. Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways, said: “Over the next few weeks, you might notice that the part-night streetlights start to go off and […]

Street lighting project for coast and Spilsby enters final phase

January 3, 2017 Spilsby Online 0

Residents concerned about the impact of the final phase of Lincolnshire County Council’s street lighting project are being urged to contact the police for advice. The council is looking to save £1.7m from its annual £5m street lighting budget through a number of measures countywide. These include 17,000 of the county’s 68,000 lights being swapped for low-energy LED ones which can be dimmed; ‘part-night’ lighting being introduced in certain, mostly residential, areas, where lights will […]