Errors may see nine homes in Lincolnshire razed to the ground

December 4, 2012 Spilsby Online 0

Homes which were built not in accordance with approved planning conditions could have to be knocked down and rebuilt. New Linx Housing Trust submitted an application for a mitigation scheme of fencing and landscaping and planning permission for nine dwellings already built on land at Manor Drive, Halton Holegate. But the development has not been built in accordance to the original approval and the homes are higher than neighbouring dwellings in Station Road. And now […]

Housing development has made lives a ‘nightmare’

October 29, 2012 Spilsby Online 0

A social housing development which was built taller than permitted has made neighbouring residents’ lives a ‘nightmare’ and should be ‘started all over again’. New Linx Housing Trust has submitted a revised planning application relating to its 15 dwelling development at Manor Drive, Halton Holegate, to remedy planning breaches in its construction. However neighbouring residents feel the revisions fail to rectify the looming intrusion posed by the development and have called for it to be […]