Spilsby girl, 8, honoured after impressing at conference

A plucky Spilsby Primary pupil received a certificate at her school this month in recognition of her public speaking at an earlier conference in Stamford in November.

Elizabeth Kirby, 8, addressed the Befriending Conference back on November 6.
And she so impressed with her efforts that she was given a certificate at her school recently to mark her success.

Elizabeth’s time in the limelight came about after school governor, Gary Brown MBE, was invited to speak at the Evergreen Annual Befriending Conference in Stamford on the subject of Intergenerational Relationships.

He was accompanied by Elizabeth, who spoke to the audience on the value of courteous behaviour.

Elizabeth had attended after school public speaking lessons, where she has reached an exceptional standard, and demonstrated her new skill at this important conference.

Gary believes that the ability to be able to eloquently speak in public is an essential life skill and therefore volunteers to teach young people together with Spilsby resident Bob Willis.

“This is an experience that Elizabeth and indeed her enthralled audience are unlikely to forget such was her confidence and expertise,” said Gary.

“She did exceptionally well for one so young,” he added.

Gary and Elizabeth had been joined by Spilsby resident Bob Willis at the conference.

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