Spilsby Town Council – Meeting Minutes

Spilsby Town Council meeting minutes are published online on an obscure and little known part of the Lincolnshire County Council website. Councils are required to provide open access to their meeting minutes and we aim to ensure that they are readily available for local residents.

Please use the selector tool below to locate the minutes you require. Please be aware that Spilsby Town Council now publish all their documents in PDF format (previously Microsoft Word format) so you will need appropriate software in order to read the documents. You can tell which format a document is in my the icon to the left of its’ name.

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We are always seeking to ensure that this document repository remains as up to date as possible as these documents are collated through our own work and are not automatically submitted by the Town Council. If you are aware of documents we may have missed, please let us know.

However, there are a number of documents that have never been released by the Town Council so please be aware before stating that there are documents missing, particularly pre-2014. Additionally, the Council does not meet in August and December so these months will not have meeting papers. July and November minutes can also be delayed as they are signed off at the next meeting.

Are you a Councillor or Clerk for a local Council?

If you represent a local Council in the Spilsby Online area we would welcome hearing from you regarding hosting your minutes on Spilsby Online for free. Contact us to find out more.