Spilsby Town Council – Meeting Minutes

Councils are required to provide open access to their meeting minutes and we aim to ensure that they are readily available for local residents. We hold a copy of the minutes on our website as a record.

Wednesday, November 22nd 2023Download
Wednesday, October 25th 2023Download
Thursday, September 28th 2023Download
Wednesday, July 26th 2023Download
Wednesday, June 21st 2023Download
Wednesday, May 24th 2023Download
Monday, May 15th 2023Download
Wednesday, April 26th 2023Download
Wednesday, March 22nd 2023Download
Thursday, February 23rd 2023Download
Thursday, January 26th 2023Download
Thursday, November 24th 2022Download
Thursday, October 27th 2022Download
Thursday, September 29th 2022Download
Thursday, July 28th 2022Download
Thursday, June 23rd 2022Download
Thursday, May 26th 2022Download
Thursday, April 28th 2022Download
Thursday, March 24th 2022Download
Thursday, February 24th 2022Download
Thursday, January 27th 2022Download
Thursday, November 25th 2021Download
Thursday, October 28th 2021Download
Thursday, September 23rd 2021Download
Thursday, July 22nd 2021Download
Thursday, June 24th 2021Download
Tuesday, May 4th 2021Download
Thursday, April 8th 2021Download
Thursday, March 25th 2021Download
Thursday, February 25th 2021Download
Thursday, January 28th 2021Download
Thursday, May 28th 2020Download
Thursday, April 23rd 2020Download
Monday, March 23rd 2020Download
Thursday, February 27th 2020Download
Thursday, January 23rd 2020Download
Thursday, December 3rd 2020Download
Thursday, November 26th 2020Download
Thursday, October 22nd 2020Download
Thursday, September 24th 2020Download
Thursday, July 23rd 2020Download
Wednesday, July 22nd 2020Download
Tuesday, June 30th 2020Download
Monday, June 29th 2020Download
Thursday, June 25th 2020Download
Thursday, November 28th 2019Download
Thursday, November 7th 2019Download
Thursday, October 24th 2019Download
Wednesday, October 16th 2019Download
Thursday, September 26th 2019Download
Thursday, July 25th 2019Download
Thursday, June 27th 2019Download
Thursday, May 16th 2019Download
Thursday, April 25th 2019Download
Thursday, March 28th 2019Download
Thursday, February 28th 2019Download
Thursday, January 24th 2019Download
Thursday, December 6th 2018Download
Thursday, November 22nd 2018Download
Thursday, October 25th 2018Download
Thursday, September 27th 2018Download
Thursday, July 26th 2018Download
Thursday, June 28th 2018Download
Thursday, May 24th 2018Download
Thursday, April 26th 2018Download
Thursday, March 22nd 2018Download
Thursday, February 22nd 2018Download
Wednesday, February 7th 2018Download
Thursday, January 25th 2018Download
Thursday, November 23rd 2017Download
Thursday, October 26th 2017Download
Thursday, September 28th 2017Download
Monday, September 25th 2017Download
Thursday, July 27th 2017Download
Thursday, June 29th 2017Download
Thursday, February 23rd 2017Download
Thursday, January 26th 2017Download
Thursday, November 24th 2016Download
Thursday, October 27th 2016Download
Thursday, September 22nd 2016Download
Thursday, July 28th 2016Download
Thursday, June 23rd 2016Download
Monday, May 23rd 2016Download
Thursday, April 28th 2016Download
Thursday, March 24th 2016Download
Thursday, February 25th 2016Download
Thursday, January 28th 2016Download
Tuesday, January 5th 2016Download
Thursday, November 26th 2015Download
Thursday, October 22nd 2015Download
Thursday, September 24th 2015Download
Thursday, July 23rd 2015Download
Thursday, June 25th 2015Download
Thursday, May 21st 2015Download
Thursday, April 23rd 2015Download
Thursday, February 26th 2015Download
Thursday, January 22nd 2015Download
Tuesday, January 13th 2015Download
Tuesday, January 6th 2015Download
Thursday, November 27th 2014Download
Thursday, October 23rd 2014Download
Thursday, September 25th 2014Download
Thursday, July 24th 2014Download
Wednesday, July 9th 2014Download
Thursday, July 3rd 2014Download
Thursday, June 26th 2014Download
Thursday, May 22nd 2014Download
Thursday, April 24th 2014Download
Thursday, March 27th 2014Download
Thursday, February 27th 2014Download
Thursday, January 23rd 2014Download
Thursday, November 28th 2013Download
Thursday, October 24th 2013Download
Thursday, July 25th 2013Download
Thursday, June 27th 2013Download
Thursday, May 23rd 2013Download
Thursday, April 25th 2013Download
Thursday, March 28th 2013Download
Thursday, February 28th 2013Download
Wednesday, February 13th 2013Download
Thursday, January 24th 2013Download
Thursday, January 24th 2013Download
Thursday, September 27th 2012Download
Thursday, July 26th 2012Download
Thursday, May 24th 2012Download
Thursday, April 26th 2012Download
Thursday, March 22nd 2012Download
Thursday, February 23rd 2012Download
Thursday, January 26th 2012Download
Thursday, November 24th 2011Download
Thursday, October 27th 2011Download
Thursday, May 12th 2011Download
Thursday, April 28th 2011Download
Thursday, March 24th 2011Download
Thursday, February 24th 2011Download
Thursday, November 25th 2010Download
Thursday, October 28th 2010Download
Thursday, September 23rd 2010Download
Thursday, June 24th 2010Download
Thursday, April 22nd 2010Download
Thursday, March 25th 2010Download

We are always seeking to ensure that this document repository remains as up-to-date as possible as these documents are collated through our own work and are not automatically submitted by the Town Council. If you are aware of documents we may have missed, please let us know.

However, there are several documents that have never been released by the Town Council so please be aware before stating that there are documents missing, particularly pre-2014. Additionally, the Council does not meet in August and December so these months will not have meeting papers. July and November minutes can also be delayed as they are signed off at the next meeting.

Are you a Councillor or Clerk for a local Council?

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