Fears raised Spilsby Library could be facing its final chapter

Fears have been raised for the future of Spilsby Library following the completion of a county-wide service review.

A blueprint for library services in Lincolnshire is due to be set out next month following the conclusion of a public consultation.

Spilsby Library was earmarked to be run by the community as part of a £2 million cost saving programme put forward by Lincolnshire County County in 2013.

The library at West End Villas had been scheduled to close and potentially relocate to the town’s Lincolnshire Co-op store in Post Office Lane.

However, cuts to the service had to be reviewed after a High Court ruling set aside the proposals last July.

Now fresh concerns have been expressed over the long-term viability of the town’s library.

Mayor of Spilsby Councillor Peter Grant has been involved with discussions over the future of the library since the proposed changes were first announced.

Councillor Grant said he felt it was unlikely the library would stay in its current location as he didn’t believe the county council would want to ‘keep the building as big as that when it is almost empty’.

“We have to find somewhere else and the Co-op was the only feasible place,” he said. “We had meetings when the changes were first proposed, but could not get enough volunteers to run it.

“A community-run library would not have the same expertise that the council provides.”

He added: “Spilsby is a growing town and should 
be able to support a council-run library.

“There will be uncertainty over the future until the council tell us what they propose.”

Following the High Court ruling the council is considering a bid to run the service by a not-for-profit organisation, Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL).

Since the review, GLL has put forward a revised proposal which has been accepted for consideration by the 

A decision is due to be made by the council’s executive on a preferred model for the service in February.

Executive member for libraries Councillor Nick Worth said: “We will reach a decision on the future model for library services in February.

“Because of all the stages involved, though, it is likely to be at least a year before a final decision is reached on who will deliver those services.

“However, the outcome will be a comprehensive and efficient service that meets the needs of residents.”

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