Call for roundabout following crash on A16

Residents in Spilsby are calling for a roundabout at a busy stretch of the A16 following a two-vehicle collision.

The incident at a crossroads on Partney Road which has seen “three serious accidents in the past five years” took place on Saturday and involved a Landrover Discovery and a Mondeo.

In spite of there being no injuries, it has triggered a debate on whether a roundabout should be installed – something that in the past has been discussed by Spilsby Town Council.

It is also understood that Hundleby Parish Council has also been in contact with the Road Safety Partnership regarding more ’30mph Check Your Speed’ fluorescent signs for the Main Road.

One resident told the Skegness Standard: “Lots of cars speed along that stretch of the A16 making it especially dangerous for people turning out of Spilsby Road, Hundleby and out of the Spilsby town junction.

“There is a total lack of 30mph speed signs for the first stretch of this road from the A16 turn-off, and people constantly speeding.

“I see it every day as I work with a view and in earshot of the road. Even buses and lorries seem to speed down here at times.”

The debate continued on social media. Mark Short said: “It doesn’t help that traffic from Boston to Skegness are now signposted to go up the A16 and onto the A158 at Partney roundabout due to the A52 having so many accidents.

“It’s got worse getting out of the junction because of this. Instead of having a couple of flower beds just as you come into Spilsby I would prefer a roundabout which could save lives and prevent accidents.”

Jennifer Evans said: “We have only lived here a couple of years, but the first thing we said was a roundabout is needed. Or the traffic lights like they have in France which only kick in during busy times. Life-saver!”

Town clerk Bonny Smith suggested: “If everyone complained to Lincolnshire County Council Highways they might do something about it. The Town Council has asked for a roundabout but needs support from the residents. It’s no good complaining on Facebook I’m afraid.”

The Skegness Standard asked John Siddle, of the Lincolnshire Road Partnership, if there were any plans for a roundabout on the A16.

He said: “Just to address the issue about the 30mph signs – 30mph signs are only displayed at the start of the limit, thereafter because of the presence of street lights the signs are not needed – the rule is ‘Street lights mean 30mph unless otherwise stated’.

“If a 30mph is imposed and there are no street lights, repeater signs will be in place.

“Any road that has street lights, where the speed limit is greater than 30mph, will have repeaters stating that speed. An example is; A46 Lincoln to Newark is lit along its length, it has 43 repeater signs on those lights advising national speed limit applies.

“The injury data for that crossroads is three serious and five slight injury collisions in the last five years.

“The likelihood of a roundabout being installed is very small, there is no guarantee that a roundabout would reduce those collisions any further.”

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