Emotional mayoral change-over in Spilsby

A single tear trickled down the outgoing mayor of Spilsby’s cheek as he prepared to hand over the chains of office to his successor at the recent town council AGM.

As Coun Peter Grant was unanimously voted into the mayoral role – 11 years to the day after he was first appointed the title – the praise flowed freely for his predecessor.

Coun Michael Lenton was said by many to be a ‘hard act to follow’ after his two years’ service to the town as mayor.

“You’ve really put your mark on the town council and done a wonderful job,” added Sara Marshall, the town clerk.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” echoed the new mayor, Coun Grant.

During his last emotional chairman’s remarks, Coun Lenton thanked his fellow councillors, the clerk and the other authorities working in Spilsby for their efforts before outlining the town council’s various achievements over the year.

The Diamond Jubilee, ‘what can only be described as a two day bonanza of fun to salute Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’, was highlighted as a triumph for the town.

“This showed the best of community spirit with Spilsby,” he said.

Coun Lenton also outlined the ongoing improvements and additions to the town’s CCTV system, which has helped reduce antisocial behaviour in Spilsby and bring about a number of successful prosecutions, as another achievement for the council.

“As a result of the continued disquiet by the public regarding the ever increasing incidents of dog fouling, two more CCTV cameras have been purchased in an attempt to reduce the scourge,” he added.

Looking back at the snow and ice of winter, Coun Lenton also praised councillors for their involvement in creating an emergency plan, which they dutifully carried out to clear pavements of snow and ice during the worst of the weather.

“The snow-clearing operation had to be instigated on five separate occasions and proved hugely successful and popular with residents and the town council can take huge pride in its success,” said Coun Lenton.

“There is still much to be done, but I know with our current town councillors we have a wonderful opportunity to further improve Spilsby as a market town, preserving what is best of its history but also embracing new ideas and opportunities – thank you,” he concluded,

Taking the chains, Coun Grant, a town councillor of 20 years, said he hoped to emulate the approachable nature of his predecessor and called on his fellow councillors to leave their differences ‘at the door’.

“If you support me and I will support you, we will get on fantastic,” he said.

Coun Gill Rhymer was voted in unanimously as the new deputy mayor.

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