Maternity wing takes shape at Pilgrim Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital is welcoming its newest arrival this week – the start of its modernised £3.7 million maternity build.

The first modular units arrived and were installed at the new location on Monday behind what will be the former maternity ward.

By the end of this week almost 30 units will be moved, creating the start of a build which is hoped to be completed by March and ready to move into by the end of April.

Steve Cook, capital project manager for United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) which runs the hospital, said: “There’s going to be 18 modern bedrooms, mixtures of three bedded rooms with an en-suite and single bedded rooms.

“We’re also including some bariatric suites and there will be a direct link into the labour ward and also a separate public entrance to help control privacy for mother and 

“There’s going to be a greater deal of space than before for both storage of equipment and also better space for cots and fathers and relatives.”

The arrival comes as the NHS in Lincolnshire faces a wide-ranging review by Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC), including looking at maternity provision.

There is a lot of planning involved in installing the units, and a lot of what the workmen can do is dependent on the weather.

The buildings have been manufactured in Beverly and brought across the Humber.

Transporting them to the hospital required special arrangements being made including police escorts.

Kier has designed the new-build alongside the nurses who work at PIlgrim.

Kevin Taylor, construction manager for Kier, has been making sure the units get put into place safely and securely.

He said: “It’s going to be a superb facility for the patients.

“Looking at the gear that we’re putting in and how they’re bringing it up to today’s standards it’s going to be great for the area and for new mothers.”

As part of the process Pilgrim Hospital’s main car park has been partially closed this week – however, ULHT says it has been trying to make the change as painless as possible.

Staff parking has been moved elsewhere on site and Kier workmen are in place to guide drivers to spaces and to an overflow car park.

The parking changes are hoped to last only until the end of the week.

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