New unit can save LIVES in East Kirkby village

East Kirkby Parish Council has funded a potentially life-saving piece of equipment for the village.

A defibrillator, which will be kept next to the Red Lion pub, was purchased through LIVES charity.

Parish Councillor Brian Nowicki said: “East Kirkby Parish Council has sponsored this defibrillator as it recognises that this type of vital, lifesaving, equipment is necessary and also needs to be immediately available to the community.”

The defibrillator cost £1350, and the parish council funded the unit largely from the annual precept.

A generous contribution of £200 was given by East Lindsey District Councillor Jim Swanson towards defibrillator unit funds.

Cllr Nowicki continued: “The parish council supported defibrillator has been located centrally in the village, on the side of the Red Lion pub, and is available 24/7 for those who may have urgent need of it.”

Landlord of Red Lion is Tom Anderson, who has kindly agreed to provide electricity to keep the defibrillator 
unit functioning in the village, and the unit was installed 
for free by villager Chris Warman.

Coun Nowicki said: “Whilst the defibrillator talks through its functions and procedures when being used, volunteers, parish councillors and other villagers, will undertake training, provided by LIVES, to give back-up to the process.”

LIVES stands for Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service, and is made up of medics and responders who give up their time to assist with medical emergencies in their local area, before ambulance services arrive at the scene.

“The parish council hopes that the defibrillator will never be used but is very happy in the knowledge that should it be required it is there, always ready to save lives” explained Cllr Nowicki.

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