Conservatives hold Spilsby area in County elections

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Election results show that the Conservatives have comprehensively held the Spilsby area in the Lincolnshire County Council elections, as well as the County overall.

The Wainfleet division, which includes Spilsby, was retained by Councillor Wendy Bowkett with an increased percentage of majority of 68.7% – up from 44.9% at the last election in 2017. The turnout was 30%.

Labour (Kesiah Wood) finished second in the polling with 13.7% of the vote – up from 11.1% in 2017. Skegness Urban District Society (Ady Findley) scored less than 10% of the vote (9.9%), with the Green Party (Jonathan Michael Finnis) bringing up the rear with 7.6%.

Elsewhere in the area, Councillor Hugo Marfleet continued the blue-wash across the area with a 67.8% majority in the Louth Wolds division – up from 60.9% in 2017. The Horncastle and the Keals division was held by the Conservatives with Councillor William Gray achieving a 50.1% majority – which is down from 63.4% in 2017.

Tattershall Castle division was won by Conservative Councillor Tom Kemp with 68.8% of the vote.

Conservative Marc Jones has retained the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) role.

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