Mayor’s Message – May

Councillor Terry Taylor

At the annual meeting of the council on the 6th May, councillors re-elected me to serve as mayor for a further one-year term. It is an honour to be chosen and with the support of the newly elected deputy mayor Tom Kemp, we and our fellow councillors will strive to achieve as much as we possibly can for residents and continue to seek funding to improve our town for the benefit of everyone.

This morning, the first day of lifting some of the Covid-19 restrictions, I walked into town to mingle safely and chat with residents and market traders, people seemed really upbeat, but generally, still very cautious. I am not surprised by this, because all the way through the sanctions, Spilsby residents were exemplary in the way they adhered to the restrictions. I was delighted to welcome, on behalf of the council, a butcher, who is the latest market trader to attend our Monday market, after only an hour or so of trading, he was delighted with the steady stream of customers. The council hopes to encourage even more traders to attend the market, which is just one way of increasing the vibrancy of the town for residents.

I do hope families enjoy their new found freedom from some of the more restrictive sanctions, including meeting up with family members and friends, having a drink and eating out, even having a few days away, but I also hope people continue to be cautious, without spoiling their enjoyment.

Best wishes,


Councillor Terry Taylor JP
Mayor, Spilsby Town Council

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