Make sure you stay sparkler safe not sorry

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is urging people to remember, remember their sparkler safety this 5th of November.

Bonfire Night wouldn’t be the same without them, but with sparklers comes the risk of injuries and that’s why Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue wants people to take extra care this year.

“Many people don’t realise just how dangerous sparklers can be and that’s really the problem”, Paul Howes, technical fire safety manager, explains.

[Sparklers] are actually one of the most dangerous fireworks, reaching temperatures of up to 2,000°C.Paul Howes, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue

“In terms of the number of accidents they are actually one of the most dangerous fireworks, reaching temperatures of up to 2,000°C.

“I’d urge parents to be particularly careful as children may not understand just how dangerous they are. Make sure they are dressed appropriately with no loose clothing, teach them how to use the sparkler safely at arm’s length, and ensure that they are supervised at all times

“We don’t want to spoil people’s fun this Bonfire Night. Sparklers are enjoyable for both children and adults, and it only takes a few simple safety precautions to enjoy them safely.”

Stay safe this Bonfire Night by following these top tips:

Store your sparklers in a closed box somewhere cool and dry
Always wear gloves when using sparklers
Never light more than one sparkler at a time to avoid flare-ups
Never give a sparkler to a child under 5 years old
Never use sparklers if you are under the influence of alcohol
Put used sparklers in a bucket of water or sand

If you do have an accident, follow advice available on the NHS website. Cool the burn with cold water for at least ten minutes and cover it in cling film to prevent an infection before deciding whether you need further medical help.


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