Secondary School Offers Available Online From 1 March

Parents who have applied online for their child to start at secondary school in September can collect their offer online from Tuesday 1 March 2016, Lincolnshire County Council have stated. Parents who applied using a paper form will have letters posted to them the same day.

In some cases parents may not have received an offer at one of their preferred schools and might want to appeal against this. Parents who have applied online and need to appeal to an independent school admission appeals panel can usually do this online.

The vast majority of children starting at secondary school will receive an offer of a place at their parents’ first preference school this year. The County Council states that there are over 7,600 children wanting a secondary school place in Lincolnshire this year, and 92% will receive their first preference school. 

The council have advised parents to accept the place offered even if the school was not one of their preferences, as this makes sure that their child will have a school place for September.

Once parents have accepted a school place they can apply for transport.

Parents who have applied online can collect their offer from midnight on 1st March up until the 18th of March 2016 by accessing the Lincolnshire County Council schools admissions page.  However, the Council have warned that they expect the website to be very busy initially so are requesting parents to be patient and try again later if they have any issues accessing the site.

Parents who have applied for a Reception or Junior place can collect their offer from 18th of April 2016.

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